Legal Writing

The attorneys at the Law Office of Kreusler-Walsh, Vargas & Serafin, P.A. believe that legal writing plays a critical role in all aspects of their practice. In the appellate court, legal writing in briefs and motions provides judges with their first impression of an appeal. These written arguments strive to frame the facts and legal arguments in the most persuasive light. The firm’s attorneys also put their legal writing skills to work in the trial court when providing litigation support. They assist trial attorneys by researching and writing persuasive legal arguments. This early involvement helps to make sure that the issues are preserved and presented in the light most favorable to the client’s position, both in the trial and possible appeal that might follow. Outside the courtroom, two members of the firm use their legal writing skills on Florida Supreme Court Committees on Standard Jury Instructions. Working with attorneys and judges from around Florida, these attorneys help to make the jury instructions used throughout Florida more understandable and accurate.

Oral Arguments

Oral argument is an opportunity for your appellate attorney to talk about the issues in the case with the appellate judges. The oral argument allows the appellate attorney to clarify any arguments made in the written briefs and to answer any questions of the appellate judges. This helps to make sure that the appellate judges understand the key issues in the case. The attorneys at the Law Office of Kreusler-Walsh, Vargas & Serafin, P.A. regularly present oral arguments in appellate courts. The firm’s attorneys have handled oral arguments at the Supreme Court of Florida, each Florida District Court of Appeal and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. In addition to handling oral arguments in the appellate court, the firm’s attorneys regularly argue motions in the trial court. The firm’s attorneys often present legal arguments during hearings or during charge conferences.


Click on the links below to view sample oral arguments presented by our firm’s attorneys:

Jane Kreusler-Walsh:  

Oral argument before the Supreme Court of Florida on March 5, 2015, Hahamovitch v. Hahamovitch (Case No. SC14-277) [VIDEO]


Oral argument before the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal on November 9, 2015, Goodman v. Florida Department of Law Enforcement (Case No. 4D14-3263)  [VIDEO]

Rebecca Mercier Vargas:

Oral argument before the Fourth District Court of Appeal on January 27, 2015 in Blinn v. Carlman, 162 So. 3d 1074 (Fla. 4th DCA 2015)

Stephanie L. Serafin:

Oral argument before the Fourth District Court of Appeal on September 13, 2012 in Boca Raton Community Hosp., Inc. v. Snyder, 97 So. 3d 842 (Fla 4th DCA 2012)  [video]